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WELCOME! You have reached the website for the guild, Amardon!  We are a guild playing Battle of Immortals on the Abyss server.  Our guild identification number is 3377.  Our guild is for people that want to have fun and help the guild and its members level up and ultimately participate in guild wars.  We have just a few simple principles.
  1. Have Fun!  This is done by keeping things light, and no drama.  (BTW "amardon" is "nodrama" spelled backwards).
  2. Help Others.  The guild is a whole, not just individuals.  Help others level up by including them in events and battles.
  3. Do Guild Quests. Do these daily whenever possible.  Please see the instruction, "How to do Guild Quests" on the link (left side of this page).  You need these to be boosted (leveled up) in this guild!
  4. Participate in Events. Do these daily so you can level up and help Amardon be competitive.  Please see the calendar of events (here on website) or the guild banner message (in game) for times.  
  5. Special Rules for BOOST Events. You need to earn 20 GQ per day of the week in order to be Boosted (leveled up faster).  These are special events designed for the guild.  These are hosted by the officers in the guild (executors and higher). You need to have done GQ every day of the week up to and including the day of the event in order to participate.  Example:  Event run on Tuesday requires 60 GQ to participate.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday = 3 days x 20GQ = 60.
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So Many Acronyms, So Little Time...

lingdragon, Nov 21, 11 6:38 PM.
Here are some commonly used terms...

GQ = Guild Quest, Available from Namm in Guild Manor.
DE = Dragon Emporer, Available in Dragon Emperor Catacomb
SIN = Spectre Island Normal, Available in Bermuda Island
GIZA = Giza Pyramid, In Atlantis City
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AMARDON (Lvl. 5)
(Guild ID # 3377)

Present Guild Level: 5
Position 17 of 500
Page 1 of 25 (near lower part of the page)

Next Target Level:  6
Funds Needed: 17,550,000
Construction Needed: 855,400
Keep up the good work!
Last Update: 10:13 PM Pacific Time on 9/2/2011

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